Acıbadem Sports is fully equipped with the necessary infrastructure to support sports sciences, its implementations and scientific training possibilities in all fields of sport. The staff at Acıbadem Sports combine academic knowledge with experience in the field. Acıbadem Sports works in collaboration on scientific studies with Acıbadem Mehmet Ali Aydınlar University which has is one of the world’s leading Health Sciences Faculty and Institute. Similarly, Acıbadem Sports is leading the way for the imminent foundation of the Sports Sciences Faculty. Acıbadem Sports closely monitors the de- velopments in sports technology and innovation and has successfully lead many projects especially in the field of athletic performance management and preventive medicine using scientific criteria. All the sports sciences projects spearheaded by Acıbadem Sports is separated into specific sub-categories known as Acıbadem Sports Lab. All of these projects are open and appropriate to scien- tific collaboration.