At the center, all joints such as knee, shoulder, hand - foot, hip, elbow, all musculoskeletal MR examinations, MR arthrography examinations, cervical thoracic - lumbar vertebral MR examinations can be performed with 3 Tesla MR devices. Detailed color MR for diagnostics of cartilage damage can be applied also.
Claustrophobic patients can also be accepted as semi-open.
With the 128-section CT (Computerized Tomography) device, all musculoskeletal and advanced examination applications can be performed. Ultrasonographic angiographies can be performed with contrast device provided only from vascular with noninvasive method with the CT device of the latest technology.
All direct radiographic examinations including scoliosis shots are taken with the latest technology and digital systems.
All analyzes of the patients are transferred to the PACS system and the evaluations are carried out in the digital environment. The examinations can be seen from other hospitals and all the examinations of the patients in other hospitals can be loaded into our system.