Acibadem Sports Academy (ASA) is an educational platform which we can transfer our experience and knowledge on sports science, sports technology and innovation, match and performance analysis, sports analytics, sports physiology, treatment and rehab, prevention and prehab to anyone interested including trainers, sports scientists, s&c coaches, doctors, physiotherapists, data analysts or academicians.

ASA started its active education in 2017; The first courses and certificates were given on “Application & Analysis of GPS Technology in Sports” and  “Sports Technology and Data Analysis”.

The main aim of these first courses was to create effective ways of applied sports technology and science on field, and train individuals who can analyze technological data and translate it into knowledge.

Through our cooperation with Acıbadem University, Turkish Football Federation and sports technology companies,  we are aiming to expand our educational fields time by time.

ASA will start to give an education programme on "ATHLETE MONITORING" starting from October 2018 and official Turkish FA accredited certifications starting from 2019.

You can find more details on link.