Acıbadem Sports closely monitors the developments in sports technologies and up to date scientific research and makes use of all equipment and methods with proven reliability and effectiveness. Similarly, our center has spearheaded many R&D and innovation projects in collaboration with the Health Sciences Faculty and Medical Engineering Faculty at Acıbadem Mehmet Ali Aydınlar Univer- sity. Acıbadem Sports is open to creating and developing in collaboration with all sports institutions and strives to raise the profile of Turkish sports with science as its guide.

Acıbadem Sports has developed analytical platforms to manage data collected in all Sports Sciences and R&D services. All data is transformed into coherent information and Acıbadem Sports has created a unique monitoring and reporting system. The center adheres to Acıbadem Healthcare Group’s strict policy regarding information privacy and aims for the widespread use of sports analytics in all institutions to which it provides service. This will ensure that athletic performance and medical methods are continued in the most effective manner in all sports institutions as well as providing possibilities for scientific research.